Correção de texto: My favorite book in american literature

My favorite book is the adventures of tom Sawyer. This book talk about the life of tom Sawyer, a boy like everybody in his age. That means that He likes to make pranks with everyone.
Tom Sawyer has a good friend in his city, He called Huckleberry Finn or Just ‘HUCK’. Everybody in Saint Peterburg, Tom Sawyer’s city, Doesn’t like him, because Huck It is like seems a bad influence for another boys in the city.
The cause is that Huck doesn’t go to school and He is a difficult boy. However, every boys in the Saint Peterburg loves him. Huck represent a kind of model for their, somebody that the boys would like be, but It is a terror for Saint Peterburg’s mothers.
In this story Tom and Huck have many adventures and confusing. Without doubt this book introduced me to american literature and now I Will have read others books like this.

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My favorite book is The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. It is a book about Tom Sawyer's life, a boy who is like everybody in his age which means that he enjoys to play tricks on others.

Tom Sawyer has a good friend in his city. He is called Huckleberry Finn, nicknamedHuck’. In Saint Petersburg - the city where Tom Sawyer lives - , the people don't like Huck because he is, apparently, a bad influence for the other guys.

It is because Huck doesn't go to school and he is also a tough / difficult / troublesome boy. However, Saint Petersburg guys respect him (a lot). Huck is a model for them; somebody the boys would like to be, but he is considered a bad boy by their mothers.

In this story, Tom and Huck (will) have / face many adventures and get into trouble.

This book was my first step into American literature and now I want to read other similar books, no doubt about it.