Correção de texto para o Ciência sem Fronteiras (CsF)

Olá, gostaria de pedir para, se puderem, corrigir meu essay(texto) que é exigido pelo ciência sem fronteiras.

Perspectives in the USA

The opportunity of studying in the USA will broaden my horizons both in cultural and professional context. The variety of courses and the academic level take every student to try this opportunity. The diary contact with the English language at its native context will allow me to improve my pronunciation and my knowledge about the idiom. Likewise, the courses the Universities offer have in their content the possibility of enhance my curriculum.

The USA own a cultural influence that is recognized around the world, therefore is the focus as destiny of a great part of the students that desire the contact with different cultures. What will enrich each one as a human been, because the knowledge acquired in books doesn’t reflect the experience achieved from the coexistence with people from many origins. And not only American, because like me, there will be people there from different parts of the world.

I am participating of a research program that involves augmented reality, with is of a great importance in the context of the information technology. The augmented reality is already widely used in games, marketing, education, among others. The learning acquired at the opportunity of studying in an American University will amply the level of the contribution I can offer to the research I am working at.

Talking about the opportunities I can take from this experience, I couldn’t keep from mentioning my final work project. The project is about Text mining and Social Presence, with I only recently started studying about. This opportunity will allow me to learn more about the subject and mature the project idea. I hope to increase the project while staying there, so when coming back, I will be able to continue and finishing it in a higher level.

The course I applied will give me professional opportunities a lot wider than the ones I would get from the knowledge acquired only studying at national Universities. The labor market requires from the professional a preparation, which can differ them from others, on what is demanded when claiming for a higher position on the career. Such differential can be acquired from this opportunity.

I know that living on another country won’t be easy, but I believe that it will mature me and allow mw to grown. When returning to my own country, I hope to bring in my baggage an amount of knowledge that, for sure, will allow amplitude of opportunities in each area of my life. Because the richness accumulated during the period been on a nation as the USA, will be with me on every step taken in each path I happen to walk.

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