Correção de texto: The best teacher I ever had

Olá pessoal, eu montei este pequeno texto e gostaria da opinião de vocês, sou novo no fórum, desculpem caso tenha feito algo de errado!

The best teacher i ever had

Teach is a amazing job, many teachers woke up early every day to go to yours classes to teach to your students, the most of these professionals want to do your best work.
However, today the way the teacher teaches means the better way that your student will learn. But if students are not ambicious for your studies, the teacher can't do nothing.
In my opinion, i have to say, don't have a better teacher, i cant say that if the teacher and the student have the same interest, all win.

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The best teacher I ever had.

Teaching is an amazing job. Many teachers wake up early every day to go to their classes to teach their students, most of these professionals want to do their best.
However much they try to pass knowledge along, many students are not ambitious and interested/focused enough. In such cases, the teacher can't do anything.
In my opinion, there is not such a thing as the better teacher, what do exist is the teacher and student/pupil in a win-win situation. That is, when they are on the same page, working together and learning in the process.

I tinkered your text a bit, for clarity´s sake, if I strayed much from the point let us know. Let´s wait for more comments.
Thank You!

Obrigado, mais que as correções é aprender com os erros.
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You are welcome. Have a nice weekend in this Aracruz´s beautiful beaches of yours.