Correção de Texto: The Great Gatsby - 8 - The Hottest Day..

The Hottest Day of Summer

Suddenly Gatsby's parties came to an end and he sent all his old servants away because he din't want them to talk about Daisy.

Gatsby phoned to Nick and said that he had a invitation from Daisy for a lunch in her house. And Nick had an invitation of Jordan too for a Lunch in Daisy's house.

In that hottest day of the summer. All they, Tom, Daisy, Gatsby, Nick, and Jordan, were lunching and drinking cold beer in Tom's house. Suddenly, in the table, Daisy said towards to Gatsby, as nobody was there, 'why don't we drive to New York ?'. That moment Tom understood, his wife was in love with Gatsby.

Tom accepted to New York but Gatsby drove Tom's car with Daisy and Tom, Jordan, and Nick were in Gatsby's car.

Tom stopped to Wilson's garage, for had to stop for gas. Mr. Wilson was ill and he said to Tom that he was get away with his wife. That moment Tom though to himself that he was losing his wife and his mistress in one afternoon. Mr. Wilson got to get the gas into the car then they were back to road.

All they went to Plaza Hotel. Then Tom and Gatsby had an argue. Daisy said than she love both but she couldn't leave Tom. It was seven o'clock then Tom, Jordan and Nick left the hotel. It was Nick's thirtieth birthday, he felt sad and tired.
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