Correção de texto: The old woman

Was once a old that knowed to walk bicycle.
Everyday she passed next mountain in the bicycle, with big bag behind.
Customs persons - all old smarts - started to suspect of old woman.
One day, when she would go in the bicycle with one bag behind, a man ordered her to stop.
The old woman stoped, then the fiscal questioned her.
Listen here, old woman, lady passes here every day with this bag there behind?
What lady takes in this bag?
The old woman smiled with your little teeth that remained and answered:
It's sand!
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There was once an old woman who knew how to ride a bicycle. Everyday, she would go by the the mountains in the bicycle, with a big bag behind her. Customs officers - all old and smart - started to suspect the old woman. One day, as she passed by in the bicycle with a bag behind her, a man ordered her to stop. The old woman stopped, then the officer questioned her:
'Listen, old woman, you pass here every day carrying a bag. What do you have inside the bag?'
The old woman smiled, showing the small tooth that had still remained, and answered:
'It's sand!'