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A black 9 years old girls, stole the atention in a meeting in the city of Charlotte. The girl made a touching speech during the meeting, witch had in the audience the mayor and the local police chief. Hers intervention took place after a heated debate, in witch the residents asked the resignation of both. Hers mother told that the speach hadn't been planned.
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A black 9-year-old girl.
Her intervention.
In which.
Her mother.

"told that the speech hadn´t..." I prefer "told that the speech was totally spontaneous, children don´t lie as far as their feelings are concerned. It was done by her free choice and volition.
To say that it had not been planned may (or may not) have the opposite effect, that of people being led to think that it was...or that it wasn´t planned, but somehow she (the girl) did that because she was influenced at home.
Anyway it´s me here, others may have other thinking, of course.