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If I had the conditions to make the trip of my lifetime I would probably go to Norway, because it is my dream, and I am likely to enjoy a lot the trip. Of course, I would like to travel with family, because they are always giving me the support I need. I would like to stay there for about three weeks, I think it is the necessary to visit many places and do the shopping there. We would probably go there on winter to see the snow and wear many coats. I would be happy if we visited almost all museums, because I like a lot “medieval” museums, the Vesteralen’s Fjords, Akershus Fortress, Oslo’s Opera and so many interesting places there. I would like to visit some cities too, like Oslo, Stavanger, Flåm, Trondheim and Svalbard’s Island. The main reason that makes me want to travel to Norway is that this country has a very important role in the history of the world, and I am fascinated by the history, museums, medieval places and the “boring” stuffs. I have heard the people there are kind of rude and they see you like an alien. The food there are different from Brazil, especially candies and seasoning, so if I want to travel to Norway I need to know that there I will need to taste weird food. It would be a dream travel to Norway with my family; I hope this dream come true soon.
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