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Some neighborhood of Manaus is going to be out of water supply due to to programmed interuption do some preventive manutention services, among Saturday and wendnesday. According to group Manaus Environment, it will affect the area located at the west and south of the capital. The preventive manutention is going to happen at the substation of the storage tanks of the neighborhood Adrianópolis e Nossa Senhora das Graças. According to the water supply company, the goal of the programmed interruption is ensure the perfect work of the system of water supply.
Manaus Environment reccomend that the customers save water and avoid waste. Using their storage only for consumption and hygiene purpose, until the supply come back to normal.
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Planned interruption:
The water supply of some neighbourhoods of Manaus will be/may be interrupted to carry out maintenance of the water network, the scheduled outage will be for five days beginning on Saturday and ending on Wednesday. (or - From Saturday 12, November to Wednesday 16, November.)
According to Manaus Environment group (the water service company), the power substation of the
The pump station and the water storage tanks (of the treatment and distribution facilities/facility) that serves Adrianópolis and Maria das Graças neighbourhoods will undergo preventive maintenance.
According to the company, the goal is to resume water supply with the system working in perfect conditions and to ensure that all water they supply is clean, reliable, and meets the necessary high standards.
Manaus Environment recommends (that) customers store sufficient water for your requirements during this period and cut down on their consumption and avoid wastage. It´s advisable the use only for drinking/cooking and hygiene purposes, until the supply is back to normal.

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