Correção de texto: We find happiness in the little things

Julia Zerbinat
Hello, everybody! I just wrote a text for a contest and I would like to know your opinion! Thankss

People say that we find happiness in the little things of our lives and I agree, that’s why I chase them everywhere. You’d probably say that is unnecessary to pay attention to the little things while you travel because in this moment you do not need to pay attention to them to find happiness. But if this is the force of the habit, then why not?

So I did as I said. The USA was my first international destiny, more specifically, Washington D.C. As I am from Brazil, I am used to the bright shining sun and the heat it emanates. Not a common heat but an unbearable heat that bothers you all day long and makes you swear even right after bathing. It was a contrast: a very hot December in brazil to a very cold December in the USA.

When I first stepped in American territory, I discovered the first small impressing detail that I had first denied when my aunt told me: When the sun is brighter the weather gets colder. Well, there is nothing better than a beautiful day to know the tourists points of Washington D.c.

Then, I carefully choose what to wear: a pair of maroon boots, a legging and three layers of blouses with a beautiful blue coat over it all. However, when I was standing unsure whether to look at the Lincoln Monument or at the stunning cherry trees I realized that I could distinguish who was a tourist or who were not. Simply because Americans do not care when it comes to choosing their outlooks. Well, it is good because they do not lose one hour of their days just to get dressed and shocking because I come from a culture that cares too much about appearance.

From the Washington Monument, that is close to Lincoln Monument I went straight to the White House. I cannot say it was completely easy because I had some problems with the subway: In Brazil we pay a fixed fare to go from a point to wherever, and in Washington they have different fares depending on the destiny. Simple, right? What could go wrong?

The problem started when I did not pass the card to leave the subway station before Lincoln Monument, I had already passed! Then, I walked and walked and entered in another station and the card would not pass and I called the security guard for help and she told me that I had not passed the card when I left and that was the problem. Result: I paid as if I had used the subway since the first station near the house I was to this one I had the problem.

Problem solved, I passed on the Starbucks close to the white house station and got a mocca cappuccino which I highly recommend if you are feeling frozen and that day I was feeling like Elsa. A few steps ahead I found an enormous queue of people who wanted to go on the backyard of the White House. I skipped this part and went to see the front of the White through the gates. For the record, when you try to take your selfie with the White House in the backyard have in mind that there is two gates and plenty of security guards.

For curiosity, it seems that the plaza in front of the White House is a good place to go to take photos after your marriage ceremony. Even with the cold air of the evening, a bride dared to strike a pose to the point she was not even smiling anymore. The scene was very picturesque, walking around President’s Park already makes you feel like you are in movie but walking around President’s Park stumbling upon girls and boys all dressed up for a party makes reality seems a movie.

After more than a week of enjoying the Capital of the USA I had to say goodbye. The day started raining cats and dogs and, once again, I got impressed by other single detail: When it rains it does not get too cold. I left Barack Obama’s territory with the feeling that it was crying for my departure and in response I swore I would come back as soon as I could.
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