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With a group of colleagues I visited the asylum weekly, offering me to interact with the inmates, giving them attention, listening their stories and helping nurses as needed.
With my group I identified a certain lack of hygiene resources and we used a radio broadcaster of our city in order to mobilize the population to contribute to the institution.
In the first attempt we not did get many results, but in the second we were surprised with the collaboration of many citizens.
All group tasks were realized cooperatively without a specific leader.
I also remember that I bought a TV antenna to a woman unable to walk, that was passing all time in bed unable to be distracted by a television program because your TV be without antenna.

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Marcio_Farias 12570 1 23 212
Geralmente, o pessoal de língua inglesa usa mais parágrafos. Aqui segue uma versão do seu texto. Mas aguarde outras correções:

A group of colleages and I visited an asylum on a weekly basis. The asylum made me interact with the inmates to whom I gave attention and whose stories I listened to. There I helped nurses as needed. My group and I identified a certain lack of hygiene resources for which we used a radio broadcaster in our city to soften the local population into making donations to the asylum.

We did not get many results in the first try. After the second try, however, many of the town's denizens surprisingly made many donations.

All task groups cooperated (freely) under no specific leader.

I remember buying a TV antenna for a disabled woman that lied in bed all day. The TV (set) in her room worked and she could watch her favorite TV program.

Marcio_Farias 12570 1 23 212

Onde se lê "colleages" leia-se "colleagues".

Depois de "into making donations" desconsidere "to the asylum".