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When I was just a kid I used to play with a game called yu-gi-oh forbidden memories, it was awesome, I have good souvenirs about that game just because it marked my childhood, I also learned many things in english with that game, I knew that Yu-Gi-Oh forbidden memories even though is old it was the best game of the yu-gi-oh category, I really don't understand myself I'm not a fan of the games, but I really fond yu-gi-oh forbidden memories, I mean, these days some times I play it to kill the misses.

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When I was (just) a kid I used to play ( ) a game called Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories. It was awesome, I keep some game souvenirs just because it marked my childhood.
I also learned many things in English with that game, I knew that Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories is outdated but to me it was the best game of the Yu-Gi-Oh category up to now.
I really can´t understand myself, I'm not a big fan of games, but I really am fond of that one. I mean, sometimes I still play it, as a way to quench my thirsty of playing, along with reliving good old memories.

Note: in English we don´t say "kill misses" to mean "matar as saudades", there are other ways to that effect. Be aware of contexts, though. ... dades.html
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Very godd Paulo, thank you ;) hey man, where did you learn english ? you are a really expert, hey look, can I say "get back in touch" for "matar as saudades" ?? thanks Paulo, hugs dude.
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You got me blushing, ha ha, indeed I am not an English expert, just a regular visitor to this site, and I have learned some things English by sheer curiosity and some practice. However my skills are not that good, I just can get by, believe it or not! :lol: Anyway, I decided at some juncture of life, that I could share my little I know of English; not much, but there are one or other student that is in more basic level than I do.

Now you would say "get back in touch" would depend on the context, if you say "I´ll get back in touch" you might mean "I´ll call you back/I´ll mail you later etc..." but as you may have understood, most of the time it means "entro em contato depois" or something like that.

(it is a way that mean both, to keep in touch or good bye - sometimes in a sarcastic way).

Indeed "matar as saudades" can be conveyed in a number of ways in English, here some of them (sometimes in an indirect way):
Obama's all smiles as he catches up with long-lost family on official visit to Kenya.

I´ve been back to my city a few times to touch bases with my family, my relatives, and have a big time.

And other ways...

take care, buddy!
Paulo, your English is great and you could be an English teacher, I tell you from my heart, it is true, I'm much better talking than writing, I would like to pratice my english with, may I add you on the Skype ? my email is .... remember, you are great and I Always appreciate your help.
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Hi there, Roger.

That text of yours on the anime Yu-Gi-Oh took me back to my childhood days where I used to watch this anime along with Dragon Ball z , Pokemon and Power rangers on a morning children's program called Tv globinho, which, by the way, was replaced by another programe. I suppose it was due to low ratings or something. As for the game I still have some cards and I play every once in a while with my friends, not in the way is supposed to be though like dueling we play a game called ''bafao'', I want to blow my own horn but I am the best bafao-player among my circle of friends :)
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Thank you Roger, it was very nice of you to say that. And Edrob, perhaps that happened due to the low viewership, or then it had nothing to do that, but with revenues...
Ha ha, I recall that ''bafão" (bafao) game, a "slap jack" of sorts, in which kids would play with soccer players´cards, now you got back to past some decades, huh? just kidding...nostalgy session is welcome as well.