Correção de tradução: As pessoas tentam comprar o amor...

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As pessoas tentam comprar o amor com suas posses, mas o dinheiro, se compra o mundo, não compra o sentido da vida.

Minha tradução
The people try to buy love with their money, but with money, you can buy the world, but can't buy your purpose of life.
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In short:
People try to buy love, but money doesn´t buy feelings, it only buy stuff. We can´t buy our way to happiness, to make us loved (and respected), let alone
Meaning to our lives.

Some grammar points and comments on the writing :
Not advisable to use "the people" there, we are talking about people in generic ways. You could use "many people/some people/most people", though.

One buys something with money, hence my conciseness in the wording: [the] people try to buy love [with their money]. The boldened-italicized part says it all. Unless we are talking about some form of barter or some unregular currency.

I could have stopped at "we can´t buy our way to happiness" (and love) without loss of meaning to the writing.