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Ceará Sporting Club is a Brazilian football team from Fortaleza in Ceará.
Ceará is also one of the most traditional clubs in the Northeast region of Brazil. This club is traditionally known in the state as the most popular club, reason why it is nicknamed “O Mais Querido”.

History of the club:

On June 2, 1914, the club was founded as Rio Branco Football Club. The team colors were white and lilac.
In 1915, in their first birthday, the club changes its name to Ceará Sporting Club.
In 1985, Ceará finished in Brazilian League 7th position. This is the best participation of a team of Ceará State in Brazilian Championships all times. In 1994, the club was the Runner-up of Brazilian Cup. In the final, the club was beat by Gremio de Futebol Portoalegrense. In the next year, Ceará disputed Copa Conmebol, becoming the first and only club of Ceará State to play an International Tournament. In 1996, the team changed its home shirt to an all black one.
In 2005, Ceará reached Brazilian Cup semifinal. The club was defeated by Fluminense.
Until now, this team won the state championship thirty-nine times, while its biggest rival, Fortaleza Esporte Clube, has won thirty-seven times.
The Ceará’s Stadium is Carlos de Alencar Pinto, with capacity for 10.000 people, but the team always plays at Castelão Stadium and at Presidente Vargas Stadium.
Currently, The Ceará’s sponsors are Joma and FIAT and your mascot is called “Vovô” (Grandpa).

Logo Evolution

1. The First logo was used from 1915 to 1954.
2. The second logo was used from 1955 to 1969 and was inspired in Santos logo.
3. The third logo was used from 1970 to 2003.
4. The fourth logo is the current team logo, and was adopted in 2003. This logo introduced the white stars and the foundation date.

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