Correção do texto "Society in search of hegemony"

Society in search of hegemony

The current society is a real competition in order to obtain the best positions in favor of the recognition and search of leadership. People became competitive, consumerist and very ambitious for a world in which there are few hegemonic positions.

The values of the current society are conducted mainly by capitalism, an economic system in which the labor market is more and more competitive and to really have success a great effort is necessary. People crave for great positions in the economic society, that’s why they spend most of their time devoting to this ambition, instead of enjoying life, which is short. Media, very often, encourages to competition, magazines like Veja and Época highlight the first places in everything, like universities, Olympiads, fortunes, performance in movies, etc. These factors create a huge expectation in youngsters to achieve the top, but often fail and feel frustrated, maybe causing psychological and even physical problems.

People need to content with what they have in life and notice that some things already are of good size, many times we can’t get what we want, but it’s necessary to move on and be happy.
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People need to content themselves with what they have in life and try to notice that some things already are good enough. Many times we can't get what we want but it's necessary to move on and be happy.