Correção Essay 2: Ciência sem Fronteiras

Essay 2: In an essay of no less than 250 words and no more than 500 words, explain the unique perspectives you hope to gain in the U.S. and how you intend to use these skills, knowledge and experience upon your return to your home country.

United States universities are recognized around the world for their excellence, in view of the technological and scientific growth in Brazil, students with the opportunity to participate in a program like Science without Borders, have the possibility of bring as baggage one new perspective of culture acquired outside the country, due to diversity and degree of technological and scientific development of each country. So, the United States, to be the largest world power and hold the best universities, provides me one apprenticeship beyond the academic life, as well as to personal and professional life.
The opportunity to live in United States can provide unique perceptions of a foreign culture. I'm going to meet and make friends, not only Americans, but also other international students who are as far from home as me and it will also help me to learn a lot more about the world. This cultural exchange and international diversity will certain enrich my life both personally and academically.
It seems that being immersed in an entirely new cultural setting is scary at first, but it is also exciting. Living in a totally unknown city, distant of all my family and friends, I am sure that it will help me develop more responsibility, making me more confident, open to new experiences and careful in the choices that I have to make. It's an opportunity to discover new strengths and abilities, conquer new challenges and solve new problems.
I consider that studying in America could expand my language skills, as the United States is a great environment to enrich my vocabulary in English not only academically, but overall. Having domain of spoken language worldwide is important for the communication, ease in reading and writing a scientific article, and work in multinational companies, providing me flexibility in international relations, this fluency becomes one essential question for one student who aims one good professional level career. That is an important point about my choice to study in an English speaking country. It is known that there is no better and more effective way to learn a language than to be immersed in a culture that speaks the language you are learning.
I think the experience of living on an American university campus helps to gain social and life experiences such as responsibility, maturity and team work because there are many activities to engage in American college, as volunteer in the community, join student groups and of course sports. Playing sports offers people more than just physical benefits, it helps to learn values like discipline, self confidence, lead, dedication and, above all, teamwork, which is very important on academic and work life.
Certainly, study in the United stats will enhance the value of my degree, because while in a great university in United States, I can take courses I would never have had the opportunity to take on my home campus because in Brazil. Not to mention the recognition of study in United States, which has the best universities of the world.
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