Correção para Isamélia Soares: Why I'm not on instagram?

First of all, I have no time to follow other pepleo's life, because I'm very , very busy following my own life.That's a lot of time and work to me.
Secondly, I'm not be famous and I don't even want to be.I also think what people show there not match to reality. It's a world of make-believe.
When we compare our lives with the perfet lives of people shown in instagram comes the frustration and envy, cause we aren't so happy as them, we don't even have what they have: the lifestyle, ideal bodies, amazing photos and many wonderful trips. All this make our lives look boring and insignificant. This is no healthy.
But I wonder is all that's right?
I guess they're selling us a lie made up of perfect life that doen't exist.

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First of all, I have no time to follow other people's life because I'm very, very busy trying to accomplish my own tasks. That's a lot of work to do.

Secondly, I'm not a celebrity and I don't even want to be one.
I also believe what people show does not match the reality. It's a world of make-believe.

When we compare our lives with people's perfect lives which are shown on Instagram, the frustration and envy comes into mind and make us believe we are not so happy as they are; we don't even have what they accomplished: a good and ideal lifestyle which people are happy with their bodies and love taking pictures of themselves or just enjoy wonderful trips.

All this makes our lives look boring and insignificant. An unhealthy life(style).
But I wonder if all this is right. I guess they're making up a perfect life that does not exist.
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Congrats Isamélia, on your courage to produce a text. You are on the right path, keep up the good work.
You really think about relevant issues; it´s just that (at that point) your punctuation, vocab and some small details of the English language still doesn´t catch up with your thought.
But, you are getting there! Again, congrats on your determination on doing your best.
You´re a promising writer, I think that your English is there and you know that. It won´t take long to polish it.

I must praise Ricardo, Donay and Cinnamon among others..., you guys are terrific proofreaders! I feel privileged to be around and have such dedicated people to help us around. You guys rock!
Thanks you very much Paulo. Yours words make me happy. Gratitude!
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