Correção para pedroedwarddixon: How to speak English

Hello there! I’m Pedro, Are you able to speak informal English? When it comes to speaking it informally like a native speaker, many people think it’s kind of impossible, but you can do it, I have been living in London for over 13 years, when I got here, My English wasn’t as good as it is today, as the time went by, I ended up getting used to it and now I’m able to speak English without any problem, I was able to do it by exposing myself to materials in English, I used to listen to audios in English from BBC to improve my listening and my pronunciation.
Learning a language isn’t an easy task at all, it requires dedication and a lot of effort, if you want to improve your English, you’ve got to expose yourself to materials in English which can help you improve it.
You’ve gotta listen to what you’re into so that you can improve your English, For you to get results, you gotta stop translating in your head, you gotta start thinking in English, I know it isn’t easy to do it at all, but you just get to devote yourself to it.
As the time goes by, you end up getting used to it just like me, when you stop translating in your head, everything becomes much easier, of course, I ain’t a perfect speaker, I still tend to stutter when I start speaking in English, but it doesn’t meant I ain’t able to speak English, I’m into languages and I think I’m really good at it.
I’m able to speak English, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish and I’m going to start leaning a new language.
I have a book called “Improve your English” this book was written by a Canadian named Josh Peterson, he’s a linguistic and he’s able to speak 10 languages, he works as a language teacher at the university of Toronto in Canada, this book helped me improve my pronunciation and I learnt a lotta words on it that I didn’t know.
You can get this book on Amazon, I guess a few of you guys are wondering what my native language is, well, my native language is Portuguese; I was born and raised in Brazil.
Well, I guess you’re wondering right now, How did this guy get so many results?, well, I have been learning English for about 10 years, I started learning it in Brazil, I started learning it when I was 14 years old, my listening and speaking weren’t good at all back then.
After a while, I started exposing myself to materials in English, I started listening to songs in English every day and I also started watching a few series in English.
If you want to learn to speak English informally like native speakers, you expose yourself into materials and things which can help you.

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