Correção para Solange Fabiao: The start of my professional life

In the mid 1960's I graduated from a traditional institute for training elementar school teacher .
I managed to realize my greatest dream to be a teacher. I started to observe the huge difficulty who any children had to be able Reading and writing They presented problems for spoken and written words and a strange immaturity even though their advanced age .
I realized that I should make anything to help them ,
I took a phonoaudiology university degree.
After three years I was able to teach them .
I can say that I felt fulfilled doing what I knew and loved .
And finally I grew up as a human being .

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2 respostas
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but here goes my shot at it.

In the mid-1960's I graduated at a traditional Graduate Institute for teacher training. There I became qualified in elementary education and finally, I managed to realize my dream to be a teacher.
By this time, I started to notice most children faced huge difficulty with literacy, predominantly skills such as writing and reading. They struggled with both, written and spoken language and (many/most of them) showed lower level of maturity than the expected for their age.
I decided that I should make something, anything to help them, and my way of doing that
Was getting a degree in Phonoaudiology (Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology/Audiology).
Three years on/three years later/...afterwards, I was able to help them with their learning in effective ways/successfully. I fell fulfilled doing what I know and love. And I grew up as a human being in the process.

And you could also express it (the last part at the end) with:
...and I grew up as a human being in unimaginable ways.
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
Just out of my personal style of writing, I would make the heading "the beginning of my professional life". But, obviously, the "start" could also be - if we think of that difficulty children had as a starting point, kind of.

Be brave, Solange. By writing you improve your writing, our path is made by walking it indeed. You text have shown that you grasp some concepts and you successfully is able to express that. It is a rough diamond and with some polishing it will get there. Mine is a rough diamond as well, and others may chime in and improve it further, it´s English, one always improve it! ;-)
Keep up the good work.
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