Covid vaccine: UK woman becomes first in world to receive Pfizer jab

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Covid vaccine: UK woman becomes first in world to receive Pfizer jab
Margaret Keenan, 90, given approved vaccine to start mass coronavirus immunisation programme
By Jessica Murray

A 90-year-old woman has become the first patient in the world to receive the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine after its approval in the UK, where the NHS has launched its biggest vaccine campaign.

Margaret Keenan received the jab at 6.31am in Coventry, marking the start of a historic mass vaccination programme., which is by far the largest in the NHS’s 73-year history
The Guardian

NHS-The National Health Service

We can finally see the end of this pandemic. As the whole world struggles to achieve vaccination for each people, we can still see people denying the reality of a lethal virus, which spreads so easily.
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Jab = shot, injection.

In world - in (the) world.

Vaccination programme - programa de vacinação.campanha de vacinação (vaccine campaing). In Brit English 'programme' is the usual, in Ame. English 'program' is found more.

Hoppefully 2021 bring us into a lighter mood, collectively.