Describe your ideal soul mate

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Avatar do usuário ENG_rafael 10
My soul mate is a woman that loves me besides my faults and difficults, who is able to accept me as I am without asks to changing. And yes, there are all those qualities that my friends told above, like beauty, intelligence, humility and good values and behaviors.
I think it has been complicated to find some girl like I expect, but I am sure it is not impossible, because I have seen penty of people with the soul mate, why not, I can find my one very soon. Well, that is what I hope. ;)
Avatar do usuário jumiut 30
I think my soul mate has to be especially true. If possible intelligent, beautiful, hardworking and has an ideal, is not accommodated.
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Avatar do usuário Ravenna 70 3
Hmm... My ideal soul mate would be a very sweet and smart boy like my favorite literature character - Werther!!!
(From Goethe's book "The Sorrows of Young Werther") ^^ Although he's not real, he's fascinating.
This is a good question.
My sould mate - A real man who would truly love me and protect me. A folk/symphonyc metal lover, a cat lover... Someone who looked like Tuomas Holopainen (NIghtwish) would be my perfect type..!