Dicionário de Collocations

Olá pessoal,

Vocês conhecem algum site em que posso consultar collocations online?

Agradeço antecipadamente.
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Encontrei um muito bom. Veja no link:

Espero que seja útil!
Bem, na minha opinião este é o melhor mais completo dicionario de collocations na internet

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I like the FLAX too. It´s user friendly and crawls within BNC, comteporary English from Wikipedia or academical English, take your pick. Isn´t for a reason that FLAX stands for Flexible Language Acquisition, it´s not for nothing that it has the word "flexible" in it.

An example of search with the keywords thing and time (an almost rare combination), I choose BNC on that one:

There are also COCA and other Corpora of English, but it would take a more upper intermediate or advanced level to deal with it.

I used the Prowritingaid to produce some collocations and then I found this "thing" that would go with "time", then I found it a bit of a challenge, then I got to the above one. It was then I found that that one was better to a beginning learner of English.

The sites Linguee and Wordreference are also great, one would need some more time to crawl inside the hits. But it can made easier with the use of CTRL + F.