Did you cry when you watched Titanic?

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Thank You Bill

I'm glad for your help!

w.slayman escreveu:
Eduardo Souza escreveu:Hi there!

I don't remember if I cryed or not, but I and my wife chose the song theme of movie to play on we engagement in 1999.

We loved it!


Please consider this rewrite and let me know; what you think about it, and if you understand the changes.

"I don't remember if I cried or not, but my wife and I chose the movie's theme song to play at our engagement party in 1999."

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The first time I watched the movie I cried. I was 8 years old and I cried at the minute Rose started screaming for help, after Jack's gone. The background music was so sad.
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No, I didn't cry anytime... The first time I watched to this film I was a kid, and I liked a lot, but I've never cried about this film.
No. I don't cry. I'm man and man don't cry. haha How about?
Avatar do usuário w.slayman 110
claudio.cth escreveu:No. I don't cry. I'm man and man don't cry. haha How about?


Please compare your original post with the following rewrite, and let me know if you understand why I made the changes.

"No, I didn't cry. I'm a man, and men don't cry. haha How about that?"
No, left me a little sad really.
But do not think this is a movie to cry.
I don´t!
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Nadirlei escreveu:I don´t!


For questions in the past "Did you cry when..." answers have to be also in the past:

No, i didn't.
Avatar do usuário Dude Spell 135 2
Oh, yes. That guy, Jack, he had cold feet and pretended he wasn't there, and then the girl dumped the guy. I felt sorry for him. :cry:

Actually, I did cry when I watched "Up" (like everyone else, I suppose). "Up" is an amazing movie for kids and grown-ups, for men, women, transsexuals, everyone!

It should have won the Oscar for best picture; or, at least, a nomination. "Slumdog Millionaire" is a good movie, but not a great movie, it shouldn't have won the Oscar. In my opinion, of course.

If you haven't watched "Up" yet, do it, I'm sure you'll love it.
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Hi guys!

Kinda funny I bumped into this topic here now because this film was shown on TV today on "TNT" channel and once again made me burst out crying. That was the 18th time I watched it, believe it or not. I just love it! :)

Have a blessed Sunday and and an amazing week ahead!