Did you cry when you watched Titanic?

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I Didn't cry, but i see this movie five times in the time.
I watched several times the movie titanic ,I cry some time because is very beautiful the movie.
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Avatar do usuário EugenioTM 320 9
No, It affects me, but not that much to I cry. I usually don't cry, just feel a little thrilled...
Yes, one time i cried...rsrsrs because is a wonderfull movie with a incredible history of love. I remember of Rose and Jack together and another things like the power of money can't winn the power of god. Titanic was big and elegant and the architect said that nothing could sink that ship, not God. He was wrong. The part more exciting of the movie was when the effects rebuilt the ship like it was before, at the moment everything goes trhough in your mind...memories of families riches and poors that someday tavel in a ship.
I was wrong: ...memories of rich and poor families that someday travel in a ship. I'm sorry.
no i didnt cry.
but i felt thrilling feeling when thousands of people was desesperated without lifeboat .
they died frozen without no way to go, nothing for to do, they just waited the moment of the death . it was very sad. ;(
no , i didn´t , give me sleep. kkk
Avatar do usuário Alessandro159 15 1
I've never watched it, but listening to 'My Heart Will Go On' makes me cry.
I never saw Titanic hahahaha
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I didn't cry. It was really boring.