Died of x Died from: Qual a diferença?

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Acabei de ler duas manchetes na Internet sobre o mesmo assunto.

Gostaria de saber porque a diferença para o mesmo assunto.

Colin Powell, former secretary of state, dead at 84 from COVID-19 complications. (FOXNEWS)

Colin Powell, former US secretary of state, dies at 84 of Covid complications. (THE GUARDIAN)


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If you want a difference, think that somebody dies "of" meaning the direct cause, and dies "from" being from the ultimate, basic, broad cause.

Elias died of injuries sustained in the explosion. (the "specific" cause is the injuries).

Four nurses died from the initial blast/explosion. (the broad cause),
Sometimes headlines are made in the spur of the moment, so it's inconsequential if it was of burns in the arms or legs, other parts of the body, or if the toxic smoke burned the lungs.

I mentioned "if you want a difference", because, with diseases like Covid-19, cancer, and others, causes and consequences, indirect and indirect causes, etc aren't details that can be omitted (or forgotten).
When you use "of" it's because of the "symptoms" and 'external indications' of the disease, when you use "from" the disease itself (in general terms).

Observe that your second example is specific in kind "...of Covid complications".