Diferença entre "right" e "entitlement"

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Os dois parecem significar "direito"

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Right+ direito

Entitlement= capacitação de exercer um direito. Merecimento a usufluir um direito.(habilitação)

I have the right to struggle for happiness= tenho o direito de lutar pela felicidade
I am entitled to happiness= estou habilitado à felicidade.

Right é o direito e entitlement é A habilitação a esse direito.

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Well, on the "direito" department, perhaps that may be of help.


A very apt definition is on Oxford Dict.
"A moral or legal entitlement to have or do something"
http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/defin ... lish/right

The very same Dictionary has two definitions to entitlement that combined may be important to differentiate them. My ''combined" version then:
A belief that someone has a right (a perceived or real right) or the belief that one is deserving of privileges or special treatment.
In a way, if you do something you might "earn" something else, you are entitled to. If are not entitled to (or not entitled to the ammount you want), then you might be somehow "taking it for granted".

Other way to see that is, you have the right to air, to live, education (to a certain degree) etc, everyone has (someone, the government, your parents are legally binded to provide that for you.)
If "do something" or "have some right associated with your ranks, social status, or convention"

Where there is no issue and the deceased dies intestate the surviving spouse is entitled to the whole estate, both real and personal, if it does not exceed $2000,
From: sentence.yourdictionary.com
(so it´s your right - if you undersign, it´s not a right per se. It´s a case by case thing.)

PhDs and ScDs – are entitled to use the title "doctor".
PhDs and ScDs can call themselves, or be called doctors.
(tem o direito de ser chamados Doutores, por direito são chamados de Doutores.)

I hope it clarifies your doubt, or at least gets close!
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Na linguagem jurídica um é o direito e o outro é a titularidade de um direito.