Do you believe in astrology and horoscope?

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Avatar do usuário Flavia.lm 3885 1 9 86
Question: Do you believe in astrology and horoscope?

Example of answers:

- Yes, and when I am introduced to someone the first thing I try to discover is his/her horoscope. Depending on it, I know whether I can trust him/her or not.
- Yes, by the way I checked it for match makings before I started dating my boyfriend;
- Come on, this is just nonsense!

Now it is your turn!
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Avatar do usuário Redseahorse 8220 1 13 149
Yes I do !

I´ve been checking my personal daily horoscope every once in a while, since I won a lotto jackpot of £89,000,000 and became the happiest guy in the shantytown of Paraisópolis .

I've dived quite deeply into horoscopes and astrology in the past, and back then I would swear by it. Nowadays, although I believe some of it is indeed true, I think it's mostly sought by people who want to find a supernatural excuse to do things they'd do regardless. That's the main reason why I quitted Tarot, horoscope and all other sorts of guesswork.
No way! If it were true all horoscopes of the day would show the same thing, but mostly is quite different. The horoscope always says generic things that serve to everyone.
Come on, this is just nonsense!
Avatar do usuário OEstudantedeIngles 5465 2 16 106
I kind of believe. I do not think it's nonsense. Every day I read my horoscope(In English hehe) ;)
Actually, I do.

I have this friend and we met because we both are going to do the same exchange and then we started to talk every day and we became best friends, I never asked about her sign but today I did and we just find out that our sign is extremely compatible lol
No, I don't believe.