Do you believe the Earth is flat?

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Question: Do you believe the Earth is flat?

There have always been people who say the Earth (our planet) is flat, and not round as almost all scientists and experts have repeatedly proven. In recent years, this controversial belief has gained ground again.

Possible answers:

- Yes, I believe the Earth is flat. Otherwise we would fall off. Nothing would exist in a planet that is constantly spinning.
- No, I don't believe the Earth is flat. The Earth is round. Science has proven it.

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Cinnamon 16 60 498
I don't believe that. It's not really a matter of believing or not, because I am sure it's a fact that the Earth is round.
As a student in the scientific field, I believe that there is a lot of evidence that our planet is a globe, including physical, geological, geographic, geometric (including spatial), mathematical and other evidences. I know it is controversial, but in my view those who believe in flat Earth demand proof to the contrary, when in fact, scientifically, they should prove their thesis, not just try to "deny" the accepted idea (at least accepted by most people, especially in the scientific field).
I've seen read some evidences the believers in flat Earth affirm they have and they are really shallow and not scientific.