Do you collect something? If so, what?

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Yes, I used to. Actually, it's not a big deal, I used to collect popsicle sticks :D , I made a lot of... things with these sticks, like fruit bowl, boxes (some with flowers upside) lol
Once, I was in a... exhibition, and I brought my little box of popsicle sticks and a flower upside, and later, someone told me a woman would like to buy it for R$ 20,00!
Unfortunately the woman left!

I still have I lot of these ones, but I don't use it anymore!
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I used to collect stationery papers and I still have lots of them! :)
Avatar do usuário Adriano Japan 810 1 18
I collect words, a lot of them.
I´m also used to collect old letters and e-mails from my pen pals, sent from all over the world :)
I used to collect cards, magazines. The cards, I don't have anymore, I gave for someone, and the magazines I still have, but I hardly ever read, long time I don't touch the magazines, the magazines are like embellishment here.
Avatar do usuário EugenioTM 320 9
I collect mp3 files and headphones (IEM's). I love to listen to every details of the songs, I chill out a lot doing this and go to another world along. They keep me in good mood and help me to stay on an even keel.
Avatar do usuário Frank Florida 210 5
I've been collecting flags for the past eleven years, while traveling the world... I've been to over 50 countries, but honestly I'd rather go back to a foreign country that I really liked (such as your country, Brazil, obaaa!) than going somewhere new that I don't really care about... just for the sake of being able to add another country to my list, haa. I met a guy once who had been to over 150 countries, that is INSANE! I'm at 51 and counting... and about 150 to go lol. :D
Yes, I collect mugs and sunglasses, Chilli beans are attractive.
When I was child, I used to collect stamps. Nowadays, I stopped to seek more. But I still have about four hundred stamps in my mother's home. Actually, I would rather collect books. I have about three hundred with different subjects: History, Philosophy, Literature (brazilian and foreign). My library is getting bigger as the time progresses.
Yes. I collect vynil disc. Because is wonderful and fascinate me...see a needle cross the disc.
I love music in this format. I love music !
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I collect Nintendo games' tapes. Yes, I'm an old gamer.