Do you eat to live or live to eat?

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Thank you Bill. You're really helping me.
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Kathy escreveu:Thank you Bill. You're really helping me.

Excellent, A+, work.

Thank you for listening.
I eat to live, haha! Loved this question.
I live to eat, but sometimes i think what i live to eat
Of course that I eat to live, so I'm very thin and I don't eat too much, just enough to keep myself awake and energetic to live my life and study a lot xD.
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I eat to live, but let me say that sometimes it's really good to "live to eat", but it must be an exception!
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felipeh6 escreveu:I eat to live, but let me say that sometimes it's really good to "live to eat", but it must be an exception!

I second that.

I'm a lacto vegetarian and eat whole grain food for more than 30 years, and I live to eat healthy food :D . But I have to eat pizza made with white floor once in a while, just for fun.
Well, I eat just what is necessary. In fact I feel not good taste with fast food for example. I prefer juice and fruits, to lunch I always eat vegetables, rice and bean. Nothing meat. I am thin but it is not because way that I eat, in my family almost all is thin. I think my feeding is good, nothing more than necessary.
I belive that if someone live to eat, will explode.
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I eat to live. I prefer natural food instead of junk food. It's not healthy eating a lot. We have to try to follow the "3 hours recommentadion".