Do you eat to live or live to eat?

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It's my first time over here and I tell all of you : I eat to far!
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I eat to live a healthy life! =)
The right is: you should eat to live. The most important is to eat fruits and vegetables. Fishes and chicken are welcome as well. But, if you eat some red meat or french fries three times a month, it's ok. However, I know, it's very difficult to resist to a juicy steak and a glass of soft drink, like Coke, for instance.
I eat to live
It depends. Sometimes I live to eat, and sometimes I eat to live. Depending of my mood.
Hey there, that's a interesting question. Sometime a eat to live, Yes off course I have my biological needs. I really like to eat, but I think we have amazing things to do, instead just eat and eat, we have eat to be OK, that's it. In whole world has people living without food, if we worked to help those people, the world could be better and that would be great for us.
Yes, in the last months I have done it.

Next week I am going to train swim once by week and work out every day. I enrolled myself yesterday.
I love to eat, I love new tastes
I've been a vegan for three years now so I guess I'd definitely lean on the side of the first choice. Ever since I was a kid I didn't understand what the fuss over foodstuffs was really about, maybe it's because I didn't taste things too well, as I had some breathing issues back then.
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