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I have two dogs!!! Samuel Eto'o and Pit... I love them... Eto'o is very smart and Pit is very funny!!
But if you don't have a pet... is better you think well before to adopt one... Because... to have a pet is a work hard!
A dog, for example, will be your responsability for many years and may live for 15 years or more. They will nedd all your attention, care, feed, a professional attention, a house, food, a place for play or exercise, etc...
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I have a little dog called Boris, he's four years old and he's very naughty but he's very sick now and I'm really sad... I hope he'll be better. In addition, I have a couple of parakeets called Apollo and Iris. I had a white rabbit called Boby (yes, it's this way 'Boby' not 'Bobby'), he died two years ago when he was almost 8 years old. He was lovely and he was like a son for me. That's all!
I have one cat. Her name is Mia (my mother choosed this name). She's black and has brown eyes, she doesn't quiet.
No, unfortunately I don't have it anymore. But I had one when I was a litle kid. His name (can I use "his" in this case?) was Xuxa but everyone used to call him Xixo, cause my little sister was 3 years old on that time and that was the way she used to call our dog.

Recently I had other dog called Babi, but I had her just for two months, till I mo move to a flat.

Best Regards and thanks Flávia for the opportunity!
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Hi C_Fernando, you're very welcome.

Regarding your question, yes, you can use "his" for animals, specially when referring to one that belongs to you and which you are fond of.

This story about Xuxa and Xixo reminded me of the three dogs of a friend of mine. When she was still a child, she heard on tv "Superman - starred by Christopher Reeve". She couldn't pronounce the name of the actor so she just changed it to something similar to "Cristofelí". The family found that funny and their three dogs were then named Chris, Toffee and Lee. Cute, isnt't it? :)
I don´t have a pet, but want have a small dog in the my house. I acept donation. Thanks
I have a dog. It´s a Beagle... She is very crazy, she has a loooooot of energy.. She has 5 months.. Her name is Mococa because she looks like a cow (a vaquinha do todinho) she is black and white (like Snoop).

She bites everything that is in her way, but I lover her in all the way.

I own 3 bitch and one dog. All of the them were abandoned. They are most worth than a human being. They are special for me. Sorrow they can't speak. That is a estupid thing. Who do such a thing would get a terrible disease and suffer with it the rest of their life.
"It's better have a dog friend, than have a friend dog"
I have a pet , her name is Anita , I lover her so much ...
I won her whem I was passing for a difficult fase in my life , I was depressed , felt alone and very sad ...
One day my mother arrived in my home whith something wrapped in a cloth and told : Daughter , it is for you , I was lying , dying on the sofa when I turned slightly and saw a cute puppy , color champagne , beautiful ... like I was depressed I dont want to admited that I had loved the present , then I ignored for one time but hours after I coldn´t more resist : I was in love for that little pet ! I toock care of her with much love e like a magic I was cured and nowadays it is still my litlle daughter ! Anita , thanks , I love You baby !
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My father has some birds ,and I have one dog,called Mel .She's really cute and all my family love her !