Do you have a pet? Tell us about it.

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I have a pet, are three cats, your names are: Bola Sete, Talis and Mia, but I like is dogs too.
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Reghina escreveu:I have a pet, are three cats, your names are: Bola Sete, Talis and Mia, but I like is dogs too.


I can understand what you are trying to communicate, however if I may I would like to offer some suggestions in the form of a rewrite in order to improve your word usage and construction. Please let me know if you understand why I made the changes or if have any questions about the rewrite.

"I have three pets, all are cats and their names are; Bola Sete, Talis and Mia, but I also like dogs."

Thank you for your consideration.
My famiy always have had dogs. Currentely, they are Marley, Perdida, gorda e Lua, all of them labs except Perdida she is Terrier.
I have an adorable dog. She sleeps with my mother and my sister, loves to bite her teddy bear and hates bathing kkkkk She sleeps on the pillow beside my mother as if it were a real person *-* She's white with black balls, so, we say that she seems with a little cow hehe LOL

Hugs and kisses guys!

See you later
when I lived in the countryside I had nine cats and five dogs, but I had to move to the city then had no way to bring them with me, and now I have a dog named Zuca And a cat named Justin (I put to honor Justin Bieber) My cat is very beautiful and we saw cute !!!!! :lol: :lol:
I have four cats, they are cute, but make a mess
Yeah, I have a female dog called Sandy.
I’m crazy for Newfoundland breed. Now I have six newfound’s, and one female of than is with nine puppies. Amazing!

All of than are black, sweet and giants.
Yes, I have a pet. His name is Bob and he make very much diference in my life. M y family don't liked his before, but now they love him so much.
Bob is 5 years old, and he likes sleep in the afternoons.

I'm sorry, I'm trying make my english better.
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I have four of them, more precisely four dogs, three females and one male,
They´re the happy of my house, my mother is also their mother.
But for sure she loves me more (I guess).

Well I studing hard now, and can see them when I come home at 23:10 pm, so the only thing I want to play with is my bed :lol: