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Nowadays I don't any pet but sometime ago I had a hamster's couple. They did many fight with each other and the female hasmter had a wicked mind, ever trying to kill the male one and fortunately ever failing as well. And behind all of those fights, I believe that they really were in love because when the female hamster died, the male can't carry on alive and also died just two days after.

If someone saw some mistakes in the text, I'll listen you carefully ;)
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I don't have a pet but i had when i was at 15 years old. It was a dog called Mel. However, today, capitalism has entered and dominated my mind :D , have dogs spends much money.

Furthermore i had a hamster it's was terrible i killed him, not because i wanted.The hamster fled of cage and when was trying to catch, it ran under my bed and i unfortunatelly push him in the wall with my bed = /
I don't have a pet unfortunately, but when I live alone or marry I want have one dog or cat.
i have a female dog, she's brown. I love her.
Oh, i've very pets. three female dogs, two female cats and three cats. Two birds and two chickens [ no, i don't live in farm >3 ]
I used to Have a Dog.
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wellingtonlca escreveu:I used to Have a Dog.

What happened to your dog? Did a truck hit and kill it? Did your dog run away from home? Did it die of old age or what?
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Aya escreveu:Oh, i've very pets. three female dogs, two female cats and three cats. Two birds and two chickens [ no, i don't live in farm >3 ]

Here follow a couple of minor corrections. I hope you don't mind my offering them so brazenly.

"Oh, I have many pets. Three female... And no, I don't live on a farm."
I have a dog, It's white, and when doesn't take a shower is gray or black, It doesn't bark at the night, I and my neighbors can sleep in peace. But when some visit come, it can't stop to bark. It isn't much brave.
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Well, I've had a green fish. It was so good, because I talked with him :D when I was afraid, angry, happy, sad .. all the moments I talked with him but .. I don't know how he died.
In the near future, I want to buy another fish *--*