Do you know Skins? If so I wonder you could help me...

Avatar do usuário RenanKenplers 70 2
Hello chaps,

I wonder if you could help me find some links to download skins and watch it in my computer. I have not found something that links to it so far. If you find something, don't forget to paste it here, okay?

Thanks in advance.

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Avatar do usuário maryziller 305 1 1
What is skins? Is it a song, a movie, a book, a course?
Avatar do usuário DHST 670 1 2 12
Marry, I think "Skins" is a British Serie
Avatar do usuário Gabi 715 1 1 13

Yes, it's a series produced by BBC.

@Renan ----
(you can watch all the episodes here, all of them :) )
Just download and install Expat Shield on your computer (so you are allowed to watch the programs restricted to the UK) and be happy!

Have a look at "The Inbetweeners"...quite a laugh as well.