Do you play any musical instrument?

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I'm learn play the acoustic guitar. I know something, but I have to deepen more.
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No, I don't . But I love violin and one day I will to learn.
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Claiene escreveu:No, I don't . But I love violin and one day I will to learn.


There is only one minor suggestion that I have for your post, you do not need the "to" before learn in this case.
Otherwise very nicely done.
I can play Clarinet but not so well, I just can get by.
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RENNY escreveu:I can play Clarinet but not so well, I just can get by.


Welcome to the forums.

I think your post would be better if you used "very" instead of "so" for the following reasons, "very" is more discriptive, and "so" is overused too much by students of English as a second language.

If you have any questions please let me know. I hope that I can assist you in your studies of English.
no, I don't play instruments, however, if i could choose a talent, certainly would be play guitar and sing like a pop star. It must be amazing.
No I don't, but I'd like to learn guitar. Maybe someday I'll lol
Yes, I play guitar, bass, keyboard and drums. I have been studying musical instruments since I was ten, and certainly I need to learn a lot yet.
yes, I play a lot of instruments. I play the guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums and keyboard. However, the bass guitar is my favorite. :D
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Actually, I do ! I play the drums, guitar and bass ! I got two Rock'n'roll bands. I've learned it all alone !