Do you play any musical instrument?

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I've been playing the bass for many years... without any talent! :D
Avatar do usuário Nathan Menezes 70 3
Yes, I play the guitar. This is great for me, however I need to learn more.
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Yes, I play acoustic guitar, I leanerd when was eight.
Avatar do usuário EugenioTM 320 9
Certainly! I've played the acoustic guitar since 2007. I've been playing ''fingerstyle'' for 2 years, but I stopped due to excessive string breaks. They make a huge impact on my wallet and, therefore, pisses me off! Anyway, I still love listening to this sort of music, like Andy Mckee, Craig D'Andrea, Antoine Dufour, Don Ross... They're amazing.

I think I crossed the line of discussion on the topic, but that's it!
No, I don't. I want to learn drums and sometimes I sing but I'm not a good singer, I'm a shower singer hahaha
I play acoustic guitar, especially american/UK songs because i like to find out the meaning of the lyrics, this is one of the reasons that i am studying english.
I admire who play any musical instrument, mainly the violin. I thing it have a wonderful sound, I made Class, but unfortunately I had to stop. In next July, I will watch the show Andre Rieu in São Paulo. He plays very well, and his orchestra its so beautiful. But soon I will return to class.
Avatar do usuário Jerry Dorien 1360 3 34
I don`t play yet, but I aways loved the sound of guitar, by the way I bought one last year, I`m trying to learn but it is very hard, the training process is painful and stressful.

All the best
Avatar do usuário OEstudantedeIngles 5420 2 16 105
I play the Acoustic and electric guitar. I also play the ukulele =)
And I have plans to start playing keyboard this year!
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I play the guitar. I'm terrible, but I like it.