Do you prefer to learn American or British English? Why?

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Hello Folks!
Actually I did American English course, but during the course I have been doing some classes with a teacher that spoke Britsh English, Therefore I heard for few time Britsh English, and I confess to you guys that in the beginning was a little bit difficult to understand she speaking but after I accustomed with her dialect. Anyway, I like to speak American English more than Britsh English because the expression that the American English have and the dialect of the language I like more as well.
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I prefer learn American English, because someday I want live and work in America.
I prefer learn the American English because is easier and most talked in the world. But I love the Britain English, it's so polite.
I prefer British English because it's more respected than the American, and the films I like the most are English, the accent is more beautiful too.
I prefer to learn American English because I like the way it sounds.
I love the american accent and I think that American English is more popular in Brazil.

Sorry any mistakes, my English is very basic.
I prefer British English, because that's where the English Language was born. And they accent is cute.
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I derive great pleasure from learning British English. I absolutely adore its pronunciation.Nevertheless,I believe that American pronunciation is relatively easier than British for Brazilians.
I prefer to learn American English because is more beautiful than the British one. It's more clear, more cool and more easy to learn. I don't know, for me British English is very strange. Not mentioning the fact that the second one isn't very used nowadays.
Well, it doesn't matter at all; I simply enjoy learning, writing and speaking English, I don't care about what "kind" of English I'm learning.

P.S.: Every single knowledge is good for me.
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I started learning American English, but I didn't like the accent very much, so I changed to British English. Some people think British English is much more difficult than the American one, but I don't think so.