Do you prefer to learn American or British English? Why?

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Rodrigo Duhau escreveu:They are almost the same. But the accent of the British one sounds better.

I agree, it's almost the same, but people think american english is easier cause we see and hear everywhere.
Since the person doesn't have a strong accent or talk slangs, I have no preference at all.
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I prefer learn American English because I think the pronunciation of the American more beautiful tha British English.
I prefer to learn American English.
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In my opinion, American English is much easier to understand and the pronunciation is clearer.
I don't fancy the British accent hehe ;)
I prefer British English because I consider the pronunciation more easy than American English .
I prefer American English, because I want to go to the USA someday.
But my biggest dream is live in Canada, and I think the American English is used for there.