Do you prefer to learn American or British English? Why?

I really do prefer to learn American English ; That's because I like the American History, the culture, the cities, etc...
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I prefer American English, because we live in south america and the nearest country of ours is the USA. besides this i belive that to learn British English is very important for who want to visit another countries like Australia, my dream.
I prefer learn American English, cause I like American and the English American is more easy than British English.

I would like go to San Diego or San Francisco in America.
Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
zevictorc, may I suggest a minor correction? "I prefer learn..." should have read "I prefer to learn..."

But would you care to elaborate on why you think AmE is more easy than BrE. Over 51 million native speakers of British English may not share that notion, I gather.
I prefer to learn british english, cuz I love England! *-*

I think England is nicer than United States, but I have no idea the reason why I prefer there. Maybe because I love United Kingdom...
Both r important i study in a britsh english school, nd i lean American english on internet its similar
Although there is little difference between the two (nothing comparable to BR and PT Portuguese), as your speaking skills improve, you'll have to pick one. At first I didn't even care about it, but I ended up choosing British, mainly because I find the British accent to be more charming than the American accent. But even preferring British English to American English, I think that it's important to understand both (in terms of listening, considering that in terms of writing the difference is virtually non-existent, except for some vocabulary changes).
Though I can understand better the American English than the British English (because almost everything that comes to us is as music and movies, comes in American English) I'm trying to get used with the British English for go to England or Scotland in the future, because I really love the culture of those countrys and I want to continue my studies there after the college!

Anyway, I think the British accent is the most charming and amusing.
I have to admit.. I prefer American English.
I prefer to learn american English, because I study only about american English. Sometime I study about British English
but is little bit and american English is the more spoken
I prefer British English. I think English more complete. The way the talk is more complete, beautiful...Perfect.
I Like The Both . But I prefer American English .

Idon't know Why D:
I prefer american english because it fascinates me the pronunciation of the words,the way they talk, so I thhink it´s easier to learn, and when I was 11, I lived at my aunts´house in Texas for 1 year and a half, attended american school, and had the oportunity to improve my english during this time I was living there.Now my aunt is naturalized as an american citizen, since she´s living there already for 32 years,married to an american,have two boys(both married), and have 2 grandchildren.It was a great experience for me.I love american english, and EE is great help for me to keep improving my english. Sorry for some mistakes I might have commited in my text and, please correct me.I appreciate.Greetings from Mato Grosso!
I prefer American English but I learn both. I know that American English is most looked for English students but what about learn the centre of English?. British English is really curious because of the pronunciation of some words and culture. It's worth reading both English. :D
Dourado 2 24
I like both. Even though my accent tends to AmE (and I normally learn new things watching American series/reading American books), I like the British way of saying things and the 'poshness' of its accent (and Iove how they write things. Like gaol instead of jail :lol:). I also have to speak with Australians in my job, so I try to wirte in BrE (or, more correctly, AusE) whenever possible.
Despite I studied my entire life in an English school called "British Institute", I prefer the american English. I don't know if it is only me, but it's hard for me to understand what it's said, sometimes it looks like another language! Hope I'm not alone :D
I like American English, a think it's because I watch 'Psych' is a American serie, and I like so much of shawn's pronouciation... I'm fascinated with American Enlgish!
I love British English but I'd rather say that I prefer American English, mainly because I've always studied American English and I have much more 'contact' with this variation of the language, either by movies or music, although I also watch lots of youtubers that are British and/or speak British variation.
I am trying to learn American English because my dream is to watch movies in original audio.
josneywat 6
I'm in between. I like both versions of the English language. Sometimes I say "beTTer' and whithout even noticing I say "beRRer". I got lost in the game.
I'd rather learn american english, because it's easier to talk and write, I guess. British english, even the accent, is hard to understand, because brazilians are used to hear american english, especially the fact that the pronunciation of the R in the american accent is clearly pronounced. And in the british accent, it's different: they kinda omit this R, when it comes after consoants. So I keep my choice: american english.
I prefer British, because I really wanna live in London for an while. Actually, I can't understand british English as well as I can hear American, but I'll improve it.
EugenioTM 6 31
I prefer american Engllish. I believe it's because I interact a lot with it watching movies, tv shows and listening to music ( almost every song I have the singer is an american ). british English is nice too though.
I prefer American english because is easier, i listen aways this form of pronunciation, afterwards I see many american movies, american musics and I like of american english. I don't get to understand very well the british english' s pronunciation, for me it is completely different and I stay confuse.
I prefer learn british english, because is a beautiful language.. Classic, impossing, charming,etc;
w.slayman escreveu:Otavio,

I would like to offer a few suggestions to your post.

American, British, England and English should be capitalized, music is both singular and plural so musics is incorrect.

Also the first sentence in your signature line should read "If I write something that is wrong, please let me know." However an even better way to say what you mean would be "Please let me know if my grammar or spelling is incorrect."

Please let me know if you understand the subtleties of why I suggested these changes.

To improve your vocabulary look up:
He actually meant 'songs'.
I like American English, because has a good, listening and speaking. It's all!
I prefer learning British English because most of my favorite bands and singers are from England so I'm more used to understand the british accent (and I think it's more beautiful than the American accent). And my dream is travel to England some day.

PS.: Is it right 'I prefer learning...' or is 'I prefer to learn...' or can be both?
I prefer British English to listen and American English to speak.
Marlon X19 5 16
I prefer American english, because my dream is livingin New York city... so I need to prevent me!
I don't like british accent 'cause I don't understand everything what they say, it sounds weak... I understand more american english. ;)