Do you prefer to learn American or British English? Why?

British English is beautiful to listen, but in fact, we don't speak portuguese the right way, then american english is nearest of the way we talk in our life.
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Of course it´s American English. Why? ´Cause it´s the most speak worldwide;it´s fascinating for me specially for hollywood movies...
I trying to get a "interchange"( is that right?), so i can improve my American English.
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I prefer to learn American English because that's the commercial English, and it's more available in the internet than the others kinds of that tongue. Although I love the British accent and I must confess sometimes it's better to pronounce a word with the British accent than with the American one, so I learn from both kinds of English. :D
I think British English is more beautiful to listen, but American English I understand easily, I think I understand American English easily because I'm surrounded by American English, I watch Nickelodeon channel Icarly and Victorius, Disney XD channel Wasaby Warriror, Lab Rats, most of them are Americans sitcoms, but I prefer American English, despite thinking British English more beautiful.
I prefer to learn American English, because I want to visit some day Canada, Australia, New Zeland and United State. I want also to learn American English, because, in my opinion the kind of English more common.
I prefer the american english, because we live in the continent of america, but i'm learning the british too.
I don't know, but I love the British accent. It's clear and charming.
Hello, How´s it going?

I prefer to learn American English, because I need for my job. I intend to be a reporter ok?
I prefer British English, because it's more polite and slowly talked and easier to listen and understand. Altought, nowadays there is a dominance by the American English, it's more used and common in the english schools, and much more people around the world studies and try to talk American english. So, I chose to learn american english, even preferring the British english!
I'm learning the american english, but I prefer the British one.
I think that British accent is magical, It's beautiful to listen.
It looks like more formal, more important, more royal.
And come on! everybody think that the British Accent is really sexy! haha
I prefer both of them, but at the moment , my focus is British English because I intend to take Cambridge Exams.
When it comes to accent, I prefer the British accent. I prefer so because I think it's more beautiful, more charming, it's a bit more easy to understand, but it's also a bit more hard to speak.

But when it comes to countries, and their landmarks, I prefer both, because both have such as so beautiful places to see, to visit, to take pics.

If I could live in another country, I would choose the Uk (United Kingdom, not United States).

I think that's it for all.
I prefer American English, because it is most commonly used in the world.
I prefer American English, because I think that British English is so delicate to me.
American have a simple way to say the stuff and that's all.
See ya around.
I prefer to learn American English, because it is the most common.
Most of books, movies, sitcoms, etc., are in American English.
I prefer american english, even though I find british english so beautifull. I studied american english since I was litlle, so I got used to it. For instance, when I see a movie in american english I can understand most of it and I read less the potuguese legends. But in a British movie, I can´t take my eyes off the legends. It´s much easier for me to comunicate to a North American then to a British person.
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I prefer to learn American english, cause one day I hope to live in the USA to make my MBA course.
I prefer the English amaricano because it is the most common in the world! And I like things more informal, I think the british english a little formal ...
**American english!
Hello Folks!
Actually I did American English course, but during the course I have been doing some classes with a teacher that spoke Britsh English, Therefore I heard for few time Britsh English, and I confess to you guys that in the beginning was a little bit difficult to understand she speaking but after I accustomed with her dialect. Anyway, I like to speak American English more than Britsh English because the expression that the American English have and the dialect of the language I like more as well.
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I prefer learn American English, because someday I want live and work in America.
I prefer learn the American English because is easier and most talked in the world. But I love the Britain English, it's so polite.
I prefer British English because it's more respected than the American, and the films I like the most are English, the accent is more beautiful too.
I prefer to learn American English because I like the way it sounds.
I love the american accent and I think that American English is more popular in Brazil.

Sorry any mistakes, my English is very basic.
I prefer British English, because that's where the English Language was born. And they accent is cute.
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I derive great pleasure from learning British English. I absolutely adore its pronunciation.Nevertheless,I believe that American pronunciation is relatively easier than British for Brazilians.
I prefer to learn American English because is more beautiful than the British one. It's more clear, more cool and more easy to learn. I don't know, for me British English is very strange. Not mentioning the fact that the second one isn't very used nowadays.
Well, it doesn't matter at all; I simply enjoy learning, writing and speaking English, I don't care about what "kind" of English I'm learning.

P.S.: Every single knowledge is good for me.
I started learning American English, but I didn't like the accent very much, so I changed to British English. Some people think British English is much more difficult than the American one, but I don't think so.