Do you shop online? Why? If so, how often?

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marcelao! escreveu:Nowadays I'm buying a lot on the internet.

I used to be afraid years ago, I was afraid of losing my money and don't recieve my products, etc....this type of fear that many people have.

Then, I started to buy supplements (for athletes) becouse they are much cheaper than phisical stores. So, I realized that these types of shop doesn't have troubles. And now I buy many things, like books, travel tickets, supplements, shoes, and I think that buy things on internet is so easily couse you pay lower prices and don't waste your time!!



Please compare my rewrite of your post and let me know if you understand why I made the changes. If you have any questions please let me know and I will try to explain why I made those changes.

"Today I buy a lot on the internet.

Years ago I was afraid of losing my money and not receiving the products that I had ordered, which is a common fear of many who have not used internet shopping.

I started buying nutritional supplements online because they were much cheaper online than in physical stores, and I gradually realized that most internet retailers provide an honest and efficient service. Now I buy many things like; books, travel tickets, shoes, and my supplements online. I believe that a person can save; effort, money, and time, by shopping online. "
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marcelao! escreveu:yaeh, and I had this problem, I've ordered a soccer shoes number 41, but they were too small, so I ordered to change for a larger one, and they changed without any costs. (in this web site, the FIRST change of a product that you buy is for free, and I think all sites do like this).


Again, please compare my rewrite with your original, and let me know what you think.

"Yes, and I've had that problem. I ordered a pair of soccer shoes size 41, and upon receipt they were too small, so I returned them for an exchange pair of the correct size. The retailer will, on a one time basis, exchange any product free of charge, and I think most if not all sites will do likewise."

I think the above is much closer to how a native English (American) would express himself or herself (to be P.C. or politically correct). ;)
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Marcio_Farias escreveu:marcelao!, you order shoes online? What if they don't fit your feet, do you return them for larger size shoes?

Marcio meu amigo,

Two nitpicks and both are capitalization errors. A proper name is always capitalized, and the first word in a sentence is also capitalized. :? :roll:

I know that you know better, but I wanted to say high to you since, "I'M BACK". ;) "So you better be good and you better be nice ... because Santa Claus is coming to town" :lol: :lol:

Again, my friend, THANK YOU and ALL MY FRIENDS AT EE, for your concern, kind words, and well wishes with regard to my recent health problems.
Yes, I do. I always buy eletronics and books through the internet, because the product is often cheaper. Of course I take the necessary precautions (Always buying in famous stores or checking on the internet if there are many complaints about the store).
There are only 2 negative point in buying things online:
-Waiting until it be delivered.
-You can not see how the product really is (my mother once bought cutlery, and when she opened the box she saw that it was much smaller than she thought).