Does success come from the school or from the individual eff

I've seen many people blaming schools for their own failure. But is it really the school's fault for your misstep ? I think the students are who make the school. Of course, many things are important such as having a good professor, good material, good ambience, etc. However, even in a school which contains everything they need to study might be considered a bad one because of the bad-performing from the students. In these cases, in my opinion, it's foot-dragging by the pupil. If they had the willpower to study and dedicate they obviously would make the most of everything. Many students go to the English school, don't work hard as much as they were supposed to, or even worse, they think going to the school will be enough to learn and acquire the Language, which is not true, then, most of them blame the schools or the teachers for their bad performance. Teachers must teach, but the real learning will come from your own purpose.
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