Em músicas em inglês algumas partes parecem ser omitidas

Colegas do "Englis Experts", sou iniciante no idioma e já tem uma coisa que me intriga muito. Tenho usado muitas músicas pra praticar o famoso listening. No entanto percebi claramente que em algumas letras de músicas, os cantores não cantam a frase completa da letra da música. Alguém pode por gentileza explicar porque isso ocorre? Segue abaixo um exemplo com a música "Philadelphia" - Bruce Springt.

I was bruised and battered
And I couldn't tell what I felt
I was unrecognizable to myself
I saw my reflection in a window
I didn't know my own face oh brother
Are you gonna leave me wastin' away
On the streets of philadelphia

Nesse trecho da música o cantor simplesmente não pronuncia as palavras iniciais da 2º, 5º e 6º linha. Espero que possam me ajudar, um abraço a todos !!

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The singer surname/last name is "Springsteen", or is it?

I tried to watch the video, altough I had to stop because I would wake up
everyone else around house, he he.

It´s here

Indeed, I agree with you, he doesn´t voices the "and" (on the 2nd line).

Sometimes in songs the singer kinda "eat" a word (to our ears, at least, since we aren´t used to some soft sounds).
It´s not the case, since in watching the clip I was "reading" his expression, reading his lips (a thing that I asked a teacher of mine once, why she didn´t let us to see the images in a certain test, she said it wasn´t about the sound...we could read the lips of the character).

Now, I can think of the following explanation: it´s that the normal thing after the first line would be the use of "and" but it´s music, it perhaps would lose the "flow", the tempo of the music. So, the lyrics is that, but the singing of it is a bit different, and maybe if you try to sing-song literally by the lyrics you won´t keep up with it. Anyway, it´s music, and this doesn´t ruin the general sense (to the music fan).

Philadelphia takes a capital "P" in the beggining of the word.

Hope it helps, and let´s wait more comments.