Escrever os "years": uso hífen ou não?

Se eu fosse escrever "1940" ( nineteen forty ou nineteen-forty) seria com hífen ou sem?
1817 ( nineteen seventeen ou nineteen-seventeen)
2014 ( twenty fourteen ou twenty-fourteen)
1918 ( nineteen eighteen ou nineteen-eighteen)?
Em todas elas quais estariam certas?
Ou psso escrever dos dois jeitos?

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PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Here it explained best.

Ref. grammarbook
Ref. ego4u
Here a tool that helps. You have only to type the number you wish and then click on "spell". It's intended to help you on the side, not to replace the above study.
Ref. tools4noobs

If some doubt arises, feel free to ask.
Mas estes são exemplos de números. Eu queria para escrever "anos" que eles dividem como 1940 ( ano de mil novecentos e quarenta ou dezenove quarenta).
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Here you go. To dates you spell as numerals (ordinal numbers, I mean). In general they divide in two pairs. We read them as if they were two separate numbers.

Ref. englisch-hilfen

1817 - will be nineteen seventeen.
2014 - will be two thousand fourteen. (but two thousand 'and' fourteen came to be accepted as well, mainly in informal way).
1918 - nineteen eighteen.

1926 - Nineteen twenty-six (note that twenty-six is a compound number (of the second set of numbers. Whereas the first set of numbers [until now] doesn't use hyphen (numbers lower than 21, say the years are 18xx, 19xx and 20xx, etc).
So, it's not a thing to worry much.

Anyway, when some of us reach the years 21xx then it will be written (and spoken) twenty-one... One example is 2525 as in the song (twenty-five twenty-five), 25 in this case are two sets of compound numbers (so the two sets are hyphenated).