Essa mulher fala sete linguas

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It depends on which side of the world you're talking about.
In China alone, there's more than 1.5 billion fluent mandarin speakers. (1 from 5 people can speak fluently mandarin)
Also, wherever you go in Asia, from traffic signs to front desks,you can freely read chinese characters/also talk with staffs in the "universal language".
In Japan again, half of my scholarship classmates were chinese.

Ok, let's talk about here,the Occident.
I use so much more mandarin on my daily-basis than english, and that's not because I live in a "Chinatown" here in São Paulo.
Simply wherever you go to shop, eat, there will be a lot of chinese.
Liberdade,25 de Março,Brás..from gadgets to clothes,kitchen tools,whatever you want to get a discount.
Indeed it's a very useful language when you're going down to business.
Moreover,in today's world,any big and cosmopolitan city you visit, there's a Chinatown.
You know, many americans today learns chinese,the language of the future.
Below, some links to help illustrating my speech.
Thank you.
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Wow, after that I have to admit, I shouldn't underestimate the mandarin, but where I live in porto alegre, I don't see much of chinese culture other than kung fu or chinese food, but you are right, there is a lot of content on the internet talking about the nation of the future, but I find learning english more accessible and easy for me here in porto alegre, maybe some time in the future I'll take some mandarin classes. :D
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Hi Jean, I knew what you meant.
For sure, here in the West, english is way more accessible, spread and "pop", just look what´s on your cable tv right now..;)
I´ve been studying japanese for almost a decade, since I was 15yo, and actually it took me several years until I realize that mandarin, with its billion native speakers could be as useful language as the First World Japan´s and its 127 millions.
Already knowing how to properly write ideograms (the most difficult part for most of us,100% westerners),I´ve found learning chinese even easier than english.
After realize you can use mandarin almost every country you go (even around Europe), I ways feel relieved when I meet a chinese speaker in a strange country.
Once in Charles de Gaulle Airport, without understanding a world of a french front desk´s english, a chinese businessman saved my life.
Wow, are you gonna take classes? Go on! ;)
I can give you a first step = Imagem(Jean)
cool :D
get a free class, but i don't get what that symbol means... :?
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It means "Jean". :D