Está correto dizer "To me to know"?

Estou fazendo intercâmbio e hoje me mudei temporariamente para um novo quarto. Na porta tinha uma folha com meu nome e algumas informações, um homem me disse que eu não deveria tirar a folha da porta. Eu disse " I thought it was just to me to know what room I would sleep in ". Está correto ? Na minha opinião soa estranho "to me to know".
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I thought it was just for me to know what/wich room I would sleep in.

This would do, a more natural way could be "I thought the room assigned to me wouldn´t be general information." or "I thought everyone wasn´t supposed to know where everyone else is going to sleep, isn´t it supposed to be personal information?"

Just hunches of mine, others or natives certainly will offer some more concise ways to express that.
One thing is certain, you were not supposed to take out the leaf of the door (if you were in some campus facilities), you should find some staff in charge of that task. Of course, certainly he/she will do, not without you convincing the University Dean.
But then, I don´t know how it works and what kind of facilities you are.
Thanks ! you helped a lot !
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It´s my pleasure, and that´s why friends are for! ;)
We are glad to have our countryfellows doing good abroad, and learning English in the process! and thanks for trusting us.
Well, be aware that we can make mistakes, so don´t take blindly our (my, I mean) words for it, be critical. On the other hand, be aware that we do our conscientious best. ;)