Exames de Cambridge: avaliem meu método de preparação

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Hi there, Rodrigo!
From your text it shows that you problably is making strides in your learning, and certainly you do a good job with speaking. I noticed that you might consider changing it a little bit to match the written standards. So, here you are:

You're very disciplined, maybe you need more a spontaneous method, rather than just mechanical.
Remember that we think in Portuguese (then, a language from the Latin family), so what we need is to learn more expressions (British and American ones). Learning isn't (just doing) repetition or translation (just my opinion, though).

I hope it helps somehow.
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PP, just a minor correction.

it seems to me that your sentence "... you probably is..." should read ",,, you probably are..."

The rest of your presentation looks Okay, say, flawless.
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That´s right. Thank you Marcio, for the heads up, I owe you big time for this one!
The drinks are on me when I get to Pernambuco someday! :D
And thanks for your positive feedback, I like that word "flawless", it´s music to my ears, hee hee.

Thanks Paulo, certainly it help us. I'm begin student yet. I'm studying a lot for get my certificate at finish of the course. Focus on expressions is necessary for learn english correctly, it's a challenge.

Best wishes !!!
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Again, you do very well for a beginner. Good job, be proud of your work!
Now some impressions and tips that might be of interest for you.


Thanks Paulo, certainly it is of help to us [a]. I'm still a beginner student [b]. I'm studying a lot to get my certificate upon finishing the course. Focus on expressions is necessary to learn English correctly, it's a challenge!

[a] also...it helps us (but some people could not like it much, because the seemingly lisp in "helps us" - too many hissing S-sounds.)
[b]Or just "I am a beginner", would be understood as well, to mean a neophyte/newcomer/greenhorn etc.

Best wishes!

Aside notes:
- be careful with prepositions!
-yes, it´s a challenge. English is easy but not effortless (but then, if it was, would we value what we learn? Problaby no! Or some would do some wouldn´t...
-be careful when spelling names of languages, all are capitalized in the beggining, all languages begin with capital letters.
-in English we use just one exclamation point (written English, I mean.); when you use two or more, you may not please the examiner (or even the average reader -and to whom English is his mother tongue.)
Of course, I am not talking about the English at chats (some chat rooms - I mean- but then you are not required to do much, then you don´t learn much...)

Don´t worry much about them, I mean in an overly way. With time you will get the hang, and soon you will be teaching me! :)