Exercício: Criar / fazer / escrever textos em inglês

My name is Enddy. I live in Rondônia and I'm teacher. I intend to learn English, French and another language for sure because It's like a hobby to me. I've been studing English by internet. I will study an English's course next year.
My brother lives with me and He loves to play guitar and composing musics. I also play guitar but not too good as him.
My name is Christian. I live in Rio, Brazil, and I'm a single guy. I have no children, but in the future they may appear, it is also important to me. Right now I'm just studying. I am a biologist specializing in environmental management. I live with my mother and my sister and I love the food of them. hehehe. On weekends, we usually go to drink some beer. Furthermore, we believe that better days always come. And live Gremio , my football team of heart!
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Hi, my name is Nadielly. I am twenty three years old and I live in São Paulo for about nineteen years. I am graduation in Administration and live with mother, father and one sister. I am engaged and plan to get married in 2016. I work in the office in finance area. I have that learning English because my profession need, therefore, I try to practice everyday.
I'm Anna, I'm twenty-five and I'm live in Brazil. I'm married but we don't have children yet. I have three sisters and one niece.She has one year and three months! I love my niece! She is very pretty and is a smart girl. She loves the animals and we ask to her: "How the dog makes?" And she says: "Au-au". It's so cute! She envites kisses very much.
My husband loves her and she loves him too.It makes me happy. Also, we want have a children to play with my niece and gives all our love. Coming soon this dream will go realize.
My name is Rômulo. I live in Brazil and I'm single. I'm 35 years old and I live alone. At moment I am not working because I have been suffer an accident and so what I stayed quadriplegic. Since so I spend my time on the internet studing english, spanish, watching movies, series. I love movies, séries, cinema, theater. I'd like so much to return to working. I miss my job, to play soccer with my friends.
Hello everyone! My name is Juliano I have 30 years old. I live in São Paulo with my friend Fábio, this moment I work with Humans Resource and student Administration in Universit Paulista at night. I like travel and walking in weekend, and watch TV. I want speak that I love my Father and my Mother, because they ar my life and want thank God by bless the each day.

Please if are wrong me correct!
My name is Aline. I live in Fortaleza and I’m single. I have one children and they are very important to me. I work in the morning and in the afternoon but I never work in the evening. I am a Test Analyser. My daugther’s name is Alissa and she is six years old. Alissa is very smart, I love her eyes. On weekends, we usually go to the movies. Alissa and I are craaaazy about animations movies and comedies. We have a lot of fun and enjoy life. Our family short, but we love each other. Also, we believe that better days will come when things get tough.