Exercício: Texto em Inglês sobre Racismo

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Confira agora um texto em inglês sobre Racismo (Racism) com exercícios.

1. Text

Racism exists all over the world, and it is one of the worst problems in our society today. Here in Brazil there are cases of racism reported on TV and online news websites almost every day.

This kind of behavior goes against the fundamental principles and values of human rights, and it certainly is something that we should strive to eliminate once and for all, as more and more people become aware that nobody stands to gain from discrimination of any sort.

Efforts aimed at fighting and ending racism and all forms of prejudice are extremely necessary, and the commitment of our society is another important factor which will eventually allows us to achieve this goal.

We are all equal.

2. Mark True or False - Marque Verdadeiro ou Falso

A. There is racism in Brazil. (xxx)
B. Racism is harmful. (xxx)
C. You don't see racism on the news. (xxx)
D. There is no racism in the United States. (xxx)
E. No one stands to gain from discrimination of any sort. (xxx)
F. There is no prejudice in Brazil. (xxx)
G. Humans are all equal. (xxx)

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