Exercício: Will ou Going to?

Complete using WILL or GOING to in the sentences below.

1- Tey _ (watch) music videos on MTV this afternoon.
2- We _(go) to the shoping centre to see our favorite rappers.
3- Wait for me. I_(go) with you.
4- If you visit the shoping malls, you _(see) rap's influence on teen style.
5- I promisse I _(give) you your favorite CD.
6- I think he_(win) the contest.
7- _(you/lend) me your new video game?
8- They _(spend) the weekend at Peter's.
9- I _ (listen) to some music this afternoon.
10- It _ (be) summer soon.

Good luck.

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Donay Mendonça 22 106 1.6k

1. Is going to
2. Are going to
3. Will
4. Will
5. Will
6. Is going to
7. Will
8. Are going to
9. Am going to
10. Will

Bons estudos.
Hey body. I understand your kind of hurry. But the best way to learn how to use WILL or GOING TO is practice it and know where use each one. Below there is some links that can help you to comprehend both. Ok ?

https://www.englishexperts.com.br/futur ... -going-to/

https://www.englishexperts.com.br/will- ... com-audio/